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Canon Law Advocate

Tribunal Advocate (Marriage Annulment)

Paul is an approved Procurator and Advocate of the Regional Tribunal for Queensland. He is qualified to advise and represent clients in their marriage annulment cases in all Catholic Church Tribunals, other than the Roman Rota. As a former Ecclesiastical Judge, Paul is an expert in the canon law of marriage and Catholic Church Tribunals. 

Advocate for Clergy & Religious

Paul is able to act as the canonical Advocate (Patron) for priests, deacons and religious in any process taking place under the laws, protocols, and procedures of the Catholic Church. He has represented clients around Australia and New Zealand in both penal and non-penal matters. Paul collaborates well with civil lawyers, ensuring a client’s rights in canon law and civil law are properly defended.

Canon Law Practitioner

Being an independent canon law practitioner, Paul is ideally placed to assist Bishops and Religious Superiors as the Canonical Investigator in a canon 1717 Preliminary Investigation, or as the Promoter of Justice, Case Instructor or Assessor in a Penal Process. 

Having a JCL, and with his many years working in a Tribunal, Paul is qualified to fulfill various Tribunal roles in addition to being an Advocate. 

Canon Law Consultant

Lay individuals and groups have the right to appoint a canon law Advocate to assist them as they exercise their rights in canon law, and to represent them within the Catholic Church.

Religious communities and its individual members may from time to time find themselves in need of advice about compliance with canon law, as well as representation in canonical matters.

Shogren Canonical can provide vital canon law expertise whenever a civil law undertaking or project involves interaction with the entities and structures of the Catholic Church.    

Canon Law Educator

Paul is a gifted and engaging speaker who has spoken on canon law topics to a variety of individuals, groups, and professionals in the Catholic Church. His passion for canon law and interest in seeing it more widely valued and understood is clear for anyone who hears Paul speak.